As your landscaping changes, your sprinkler or drip irrigation system has to be customized to reflect those changes. Sometimes it is as simple as recalibrating or adding individual sprinkler heads or rotors. Other times it may be desirable to expand the system itself. There are many reasons why you commercial irrigation may be in need of a retrofit:

  • Additional building or development - new buildings, new landscaping and new hardscapes all affect the design and function of your existing irrigation.
  • New park and recreation areas - adding greenspace to your property adds value and interest. Make sure your irrigation is able to manage the new landscaping.
  • System Improvement - older and poorly designed irrigation systems can be underperforming and wasteful.  A retrofit project is an economical way to use parts of the existing system to modernize and add efficiency to your landscape irrigation.

Irrigation by Design specializes in these kinds of projects, whether its a new controller or a complete overhaul, we are the experts you need to call!

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