Our maintenance contracts are great for the busy or traveling homeowner. Between work, school, family and to trying to find time to relax, it is easy to forget to startup and winterize your irrigation system at the proper time, let alone plan for proactive maintenance to extend the life of your system. Let the experts at Irrigation by Design maintain your system and take one more thing off of your ever-growing to-do list.

Spring Starts include complete inspection and repair, controller programming, weather sensor calibration (if applicable), etc.

Mid-season visits can vary in frequency from weekly service on high profile, high intensity landscapes to one or two complete inspections throughout the stressful periods of the season.

Autumn Shutdown will prepare your system for the harsh conditions of a Minnesota winter and ensure you are ready for spring.

Troubleshooting and repairing an irrigation system can be time-consuming and expensive. If the right methods and procedures are not followed, it is impossible to maintain an irrigation system in a timely and cost-effective manner. This often results in frustration for the technicians and disappointment for the client.

Irrigation by Design’s approach to troubleshooting a system begins with our first contact with you. Our staff is trained to ask the right questions from the beginning, so our technicians in the field have the most up-to-date and appropriate information on what the issue could be. When armed with the right information and expertise, our technicians are able to eliminate many of the steps less experienced companies would take. This allows us to cut hours off the service time, passing the savings on to you.

We are able to attract and retain people considered to be experts in the irrigation world by providing competitive wages, continuous training, and an up-beat atmosphere. Our irrigation technicians have proven themselves in the industry as the go-to people in the irrigation world. Their expertise mixed with the wisdom gained from years of experience allows the continual growth of the integrity and reputation of Irrigation by Design.

Irrigation by Design employs more Irrigation Association Certified Irrigation Contractors and EPA WaterSense Partners than any other vendor in the region.


Caring professionals who deliver exceptional management of our outdoor living environment.