Comprehensive Care

Imagine looking out your window and seeing a beautiful lawn, blooming flowers and healthy trees. That's the goal of any landscape maintenance program. When you see something less than perfect, it's time to call in your maintenance company. Problem is, when you hire different companies to handle separate services, who's responsible for what? Who should you call? 

Imagine being able to pick up your phone and call one person. Someone you know and trust, someone that knows you and landscape inside and out. Someone that can take care of all the above.

The Single Source Stewardship Service (S4) division embraces a philosophy of comprehensive care that operates under the following principle: mowing heights, pruning times, fertilizer applications and irrigation schedules all need to be coordinated appropriately to achieve the beautiful landscape we all desire.

When you entrust your landscape to Irrigation by Design you are investing in a landscape that is healthy, aesthetically pleasing and responsible. We perform our practices to best achieve your desired outcomes.

We communicate “what, where and why” we are performing various practices so you understand how we will meet your expectations. Whether it be through an email update, a phone call or a meeting on your property, we are happy to discuss the practices being performed and to what end.

Maintenance services take place from early spring through late fall and include: spring clean-up, mowing, edging, pruning, trimming, chemical application, fertilization and leaf clean up in the fall. Additional, non-contractual opportunities for enhancements such as alternative landscaping, additional plantings and irrigation improvements are optional and we will gladly discuss our recommendations with you.


Caring professionals who deliver exceptional management of our outdoor living environment.