Snow Removal

Building snowmen, sledding and hot cocoa are all favorite pastimes during our winter months. Shoveling - not so much. The removal of snow for accessibility, safety and legal reasons is a necessary chore.

Irrigation by Design’s Single Source Stewardship Service (S4) is a year round endeavor. Once your property’s fall clean-up has been performed, our attention turns to keeping your property’s walks and drives safe, free of snow and ice.

Contractual obligations are clearly stated and followed to the letter. Once an agreed upon depth of snow accumulation is reached, we are on property within 24 hours. Snow will be removed and piled appropriately as to not interfere with traffic or visibility.

Salt is used to take care of ice accumulation and applied when and where appropriate. Additionally, salt buckets can be made available, supplemental salt spreading can be performed and clean ups can be performed on an as-needed basis.

As with the other three seasons, communication of our practices and schedules continue during the winter season. You will be informed of not only our timing, but also the practices performed. 

Let us keep your walks and drives safe for residents and visitors. 

Caring professionals who deliver exceptional management of our outdoor living environment.