This month, we at IBD would like to share our appreciation for and shine a spotlight on one of our partners in the irrigation industry not just because of their products but also due to their innovation, service, and values. Weathermatic, “water with purpose,” a company that we’ve been partnering with for several years to help save our clients water and money, that really lives up to its slogan.

Their website is boasting their local impact at being 20+ billion gallons of water saved by their clients, but they also have an international reach. According to their Mission page, they have completed 64 water well digging missions, bringing clean water resources to developing nations. Their 64th was this July in Llano Grande, El Salvador when a team from Weathermatic, SSC Services, and 24 El Salvadoran team members brought clean drinking water to a local school through the construction of a well.

Within one week, Weathermatic, along with their team, had built a well complete with double layers of protective PVC casing, gravel screening, shock cleaning, cement pad, and installation of hand pump hardware to provide 500 individuals and 150 families clean, accessible water. The children no longer had to make the 1.5-mile hike to the local stream.

To promote their clean water missions, you can make a monetary donation Here. Also, part of all SmartLink™ purchase proceeds go to global clean water projects. To learn more about their mission, go to the company website Here.

According to the company, Weathermatic customers have helped provide clean drinking water for over 25,000 people just by conserving irrigation water. Here at Irrigation by Design we try to do our part by partnering with them through spreading the word about water conservation and the technologies that make it possible.

We also use Weathermatic’s SmartLink™ products when we can on our sites.  With this controller we can remotely water manage the sites from a computer or an app on our phone to save you that trip fee. With this program we can inspect sites, track water flow and service issues, upload photos for repairs, and turn stations on and off remotely, and generally provide a better, more efficient outcome for everyone!

Join us in saluting manufacturers like Weathermatic, and the joint pursuit of marrying healthy, vibrant landscapes with reduced waster waste.