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Golf course superintendents trust Irrigation by Design to supply prompt and expert irrigation maintenance, repair and upgrade support services. Contact us to learn more.


Your needs are unique. Our team will meet them. We could not put an all-encompassing list here because every situation and golf course has unique needs.  Give us a call or drop us a line and we can discuss your specific requirements. From a one-time service call to a proactive long-term plan, we will meet you where your needs are.”

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As your course layout changes, your sprinkler or drip irrigation system has to be customized to reflect those changes. Sometimes it is as simple as recalibrating or adding individual sprinkler heads or rotors. Other times it may be desirable to expand the system itself. There are many reasons why your golf course irrigation system may be in need of a retrofit:

  • Clubhouse expansion – new buildings, new landscaping and new hardscapes all impact the design and function of your existing irrigation.
  • Golf course redesign – Whether you’re changing one hole or the entire course, we’ll adapt your irrigation system to handle the redesign.
  • System Improvement – older and poorly designed irrigation systems can be underperforming and wasteful.  A retrofit project is an economical way to use parts of the existing system to modernize and add efficiency to your golf course irrigation.
  • Rainwater harvest and reuse systems – we partner with the best stormwater engineering firms to develop and troubleshoot water harvest and reuse systems for irrigation. If you’re having issues or want to explore installing a new system, we have the know-how!

Whether you want a system audit, need repair, a new controller or a complete system overhaul, we are the experts you can trust to deliver your best golf course irrigation system.


Irrigation by Design’s golf course irrigation team is equipped with the proper equipment, materials, and know-how to troubleshoot irrigation system problems and provide proactive system maintenance to prevent problems from happening and extend the life of your investment. We differentiate between commercial and golf course systems (unlike most companies) because we understand that there are different requirements for each type of system. Our team has been in your shoes and knows what to look for.

The time and headaches we can save you by having qualified technicians with the right commercial grade equipment, materials and training service your irrigation system can add up to thousands of dollars in savings. With labor hard to come by these days, you don’t need to hire and train your own team for these skills – use ours!

Irrigation by Design offers several levels of Golf Course Irrigation Maintenance agreements.  From simple, on-call service on a retail campus to weekly scheduled service for highly valued landscapes, we are the experts you need to keep your fairways, roughs and greens healthy and just the right shade of green!

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