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Irrigation by Design enjoys an impeccable reputation among landscape and construction contractors for its strong work ethic, integrity and proactive collaboration throughout the entire phase of a project. From the designing, coordinating, scheduling, and installation of a sprinkler / drip irrigation system, to post irrigation installation services, such as troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance, Irrigation by Design has proven itself as being the premier irrigation company for commercial and industrial settings. We complete the project in a timely fashion and never compromise on quality or safety.

Irrigation by Design’s commercial irrigation team works with irrigation design staff, technicians, and your landscapers to build a cohesive sprinkler or drip irrigation system that is designed to support the landscape’s needs. Irrigation by Design employs more Irrigation Association Certified Irrigation Contractors and EPA WaterSense Partners than any other vendor in the region.

IBD irrigation installation at HOA

This photo was taken during a new installation project at Spirit of Brantdjen Farms in Lakeville, MN.  It is one of the largest landscape irrigation systems in the Midwest.  The white pipe is 10” PVC trunk with several steel fittings and gate valves. Irrigation By Design has expertise with large irrigation systems at HOA communities, commercial locations, golf courses, cities and more.


As your landscaping changes, your sprinkler or drip irrigation system has to be customized to reflect those changes. Sometimes it is as simple as recalibrating or adding individual sprinkler heads or rotors. Other times it may be desirable to expand the system itself. There are many reasons why your commercial irrigation system may be in need of a retrofit:

  • Additional building or development – new buildings, new landscaping and new hardscapes all impact the design and function of your existing irrigation.
  • New park and recreation areas – adding green space to your property adds value and interest. Make sure your irrigation is able to manage the new landscaping.
  • System Improvement – older and poorly designed irrigation systems can be underperforming and wasteful.  A retrofit project is an economical way to use parts of the existing system to modernize and add efficiency to your landscape irrigation.

Irrigation by Design specializes in these kinds of projects, whether its a new controller or a complete overhaul, we are the experts you need to call!

Minneapolis sculpture garden

Irrigation by Design is frequently called in to reconfigure sprinkler systems for prominent Twin Cities landmarks. 


Irrigation by Design’s commercial irrigation team is equipped with the proper equipment, materials, and know-how to troubleshoot irrigation system problems and provide proactive system maintenance to prevent problems from happening and extend the life of your investment. We differentiate between commercial and residential systems (unlike most companies) because we understand that there are different requirements for each type of system.

The time and headaches we can save you by having qualified technicians with the right commercial grade equipment, materials and training service your irrigation system can add up to thousands of dollars in savings.

Irrigation by Design offers several levels of Commercial Irrigation Maintenance agreements.  From simple, on-call service on a retail campus to weekly scheduled service for highly valued landscapes, we are the experts you need to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful!

sports facility irrigation maintenance

To protect the investment in their landscape and irrigation system, organizations contract with IBD for proactive maintenance services.

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