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The IBD Advantage

Irrigation by Design’s landscape stewardship approach is a fresh, new take on landscape management. Led by a team of former Golf Course Superintendents, IBD throws out the failed model of “task based: mow, blow and go.” Instead of following an inflexible regimen of calendar-based activities, we manage the landscape in a way that collaborates with nature and the daily needs of the site. Soil and plant science and extensive horticultural experience dictate success, not the day of the week.

The advantage to this is by performing these practices according to your landscape’s unique characteristics, we keep your landscape healthy and lush through the responsible use of resources.

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Communication that Works for You

The Irrigation by Design landscape stewardship team sets itself apart with unparalleled communication. We feel it’s important to let you know which services were performed, when they were done and why. Open, weekly communication builds trust and strong working relationships.

Attentive, environmentally conscious stewardship translates to a healthy landscape we can both be proud of. Call us today! We would love to discuss improving your landscape.

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Landscape Management Services

We will be your onsite landscape manager. Partnering with IBD brings you  more than the standard mowing and plowing that others provide. Let us show you what MORE means.

Maintenance services take place from early spring through late fall and include: spring clean-up, mowing, edging, pruning, trimming, weed control, custom fertilization and leaf clean up in the fall. Winter services are also available. We also offer optional services for improvements like alternative landscaping, sustainable plantings and irrigation improvements. We will gladly discuss our recommendations with you.

We communicate “what, where and why” we are performing various practices so you understand how we will meet your expectations. Whether it be through an email update, a phone call or a meeting on your property, we will routinely discuss the practices being performed and to what end.

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Save Water, Save Money

It follows that if you reduce the amount of water you use outdoors, you will save money. Our HOA clients have seen savings into the tens of thousands of dollars annually by making sure their sprinkler systems are in top working order. And it’s not just the water bill.

  • It’s savings in fertilizer, by applying that resource judiciously.
  • It’s savings in mowing, when you allow grass to grow to an optimal height, based on seasonal conditions.
  • It’s installing drip irrigation where appropriate, and planting drought resistant or water-loving native plants where it makes sense.
  • It’s pruning at the right time to ensure the health of – and investment in – your trees and shrubs.
  • It’s managing the removal of snow and application of salt in the winter.

Some communities and commercial properties harvest water for irrigation from parking lots and stormwater ponds or capture rainwater from building roofs. Some use lakes as their primary source of water for irrigation. We are well versed in installing, retrofitting and managing those systems.

Irrigation by Design follows industry best practices to ensure you’re applying the right amount of water and other resources to your landscape to achieve a lush, healthy outdoor space, and not letting water – or your budget – go to waste.

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TONY WEBBERSuperintendent
Education: B.A. Business, Concordia College; Horticulture/Turf Management, North Dakota State University
Experience: 13+ years in multiple facets of the turf industry, including Interlachen Country Club
Start Date: April 2016
Primary Focus: Provide responsible stewardship to the grounds management of client sites

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